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The Recreation Association (and the Master Association) are managed by a Board of Directors which is comprised of representatives from each Homeowner Association. The Board of Directors consists of a Chairperson, a Vice Chairperson, a Secretary, a Treasurer and a Director elected by the Board members. The Board appoints a person who serves as President of both the Recreation and Master Associations. The Clubhouse Office personnel provide service for both the Master and Recreation Associations, and Clubhouse sponsored activities. Residents should obtain an Identification Card at the Clubhouse Office for the use of all Club facilities. General Rule for all Club Facilities visitors whose place of residence is at least fifty (50) miles from the Clubhouse and who are overnight guests of a resident may have guest privileges when accompanied by the resident. Age limitations for guests apply where stipulated. This rule is intended to insure that residents paying monthly fees have reasonable access to the facilities. The Board does not approve of residents bringing local friends and relatives. However, when one contracts to rent the hall they are entitled to bring friends and relatives.

Clubhouse Rules: The clubhouse is open from 9:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. Monday through Friday, and 8:00 A.M. to 12:00 Noon on Saturday. No smoking in the Clubhouse at any time.No one under 16 is permitted unless accompanied by an adult resident. Dress Code Residents and guests must be properly dressed to enter the Clubhouse and attend activities. The standard dress code is: No bare feet. No uncovered swim suits or swim trunks. Shirts must be worn. Swim suits must be worn to enter pool. No cut offjeans or shorts are allowed in the pool. Proper dress is required for evening functions. Billiards Room This is available for use when the Clubhouse is open. Please sign in and out at the office. No one under 18 is permitted to play alone. 16 & 17 year old are permitted with their parents.

Exercise Room Open during Clubhouse hours. During hours when the Clubhouse is closed, entrance to the Exercise Room is through the Pool area, using PooI Key. Keys can be purchased at the Office for a $15.OO. Replacement keys are $25. You must sign in at the Office during open hours. On weekends and after hours, a sign-up sheet is located in the Exercise Room. Equipment is used at your own risk. No one under 18 is permitted in the Exercise Room. No food or drink is permitted in the Exercise Room. Please be courteous to other users. There is a 3O-minute limit on the use of the treadmills. Do not monopolize equipment and relinquish it between sets. Do not allow weights to slam down. Lower slowly, and./or use less weight. Wipe your perspiration from the equipment when you are through. Use paper towels from the restroom. Residents must accompany guests in the Exercise Room. Replace all equipment to proper area./holder. Respect expensive equipment and treat sensibly.

Swimming Pool The pool is open from 9:00 A.M. to 10:00 P.M. seven days a week. A PooI Gate Key is required for use. No Life Guard is on duty. SWIM AT YOUR OWN RISK. Shower before you enter the pool. Never swim alone. No alcoholic beverages or food is permitted. No glass beverage containers in the pool area. No diving or jumping. No running around pool. No rafts or large floating items. Body hugging flotation gear is permitted. Children under 2 years old must wear swimming pants. No ball or Frisbee throwing. No horseplay. No animals allowed in the pool area. All guests must be accompanied by their host resident who has a pool key. Close umbrellas before you leave. Children (16 and under) must be accompanied by an adult. Deposit all trash into receptacles located in the pool area. - Please do not litter. Sunbathers using suntan lotion should be considerate of others by wiping off the chairs and lounges before leaving the pool area. Failure to follow these and posted rules may result in immediate and extended expulsion from the pool.

Shuffleboard and Bocce Equipment is available at no cost through the Clubhouse office during open hours. The equipment is stored in the small shed (near the Tennis Courts) and residents may use the equipment by borrowing the key to the shed from the Office. Proof of residency must be shown and the shed key must be returned to the Office before it closes.

Tennis The Tennis Courts are open for play from 7:00 A.M- to 11:00 P.M. On Mondays,Wednesdays and Fridays, the Club Evening Tennis Group has reserved the courts from 8:00 A.M. to 11:00 A.M. The Club Evening Tennis Group meets at 6:00 P.M. on Tuesdays and Thursdays. At night a key to turn on the Iights is available for a $7.00 fee. Please turn off the Iights when you have flnished. Proper footwear is required, no street shoes, thongs or black soled shoes that are not made for tennis. Tennis attire is recommended. Tennis courts are for tennis, pickleball and basketball only, no other activities are permitted. Climbing fences is strictly prohibited. No glass or any kind of food is allowed on the courts. When players are waiting, play is limited to one hour. Please observe tennis etiquette. At the Tennis Courts there is a small building that houses a Tennis Ball Machine. The key to this building is kept in the Office, along with a sign out sheet. The key must be returned before the Office closes.

Games, Hobbies and Crafts Card groups regularly play Bridge, Canasta, Poker, Pinochle, Mah Jongg etc. Other activities are available, such as painting, aerobics, etc. The Card Room, located on the second floor and the Main Activity Room will be available for residents and their resident guests during normal hours on a first come non-reserved basis, providing these rooms are not fosing utilized for normal calendar functions or specifically called HOA/Master & Recreation Board Meetings. It will be the resident's responsibility to set up and take down tables and chairs as needed and returned the room to pre-use condition. Library Ttre Library will be used for reading and quiet activities such as puzzles, along with regularly scheduled events that are listed on the monthly calendar. Books and puzzles are available in the Clubhouse Library (Honor System). Member contributions are welcome.

Parking The No Parking areas around the Clubhouse are consistent with Police and Fire Department regulations. Parking stickers are available to residents for $1.00 each for a three year period. RV Parking Limited parking is available for campers, boats, and other recreational vehicles on the corner of the parking area near the Tennis Courts. Parking is limited to three days and two nights. Approval for parking must be obtained through the Clubhouse Office. Purchase of Event fickets During the year, residents have the opportunity to buy tickets to Special Clubhouse Activities. Residents only are permitted to buy tickets. A single individual may bring one adult paying guest. Overnight houseguest tickets may be purchased at the time of sale. Ticket sales will be announced by Newsletter and Poster at the Club. Tickets are to be paid for by checks made payable to the Beacon Woods East Activities Association (BWEAA). Clubhouse Rental Residents may reserve the Clubhouse for Parties, family gatherings, etc.An application must be completed and delivered to the Clubhouse Office for approval by the President. This will provide you with a date on the calendar. One month in advance, the rental fee of $200 and a $250 deposit is required. The deposit will be refunded if the Clubhouse is vacated in the same condition as before rental use. Failure to follow these and posted rules may result in immediate and extended expulsion from the Club facilities. The Board of Directors has reviewed and approved this document at a meeting held on December 4, 2007. Revisions have been made at meetings held on May 21, 2013, and January 21, 2014.